Capillary Bliss

Winter beckons a call of empty static.

We stand on power lines, tight rope walking 

Into a bleak electric forest.


The tropic of cancer lies between our toes,

Running home to grab each and every glimpse of grief.

Distracted with all intake of the stars and their

Speed of light bouncing off our blood cells.


The night guides the steering wheel through 

The arteries of this town.

Tires roll past pools of plasma that

Are deposited in ditches of the roads.


Throw it in the fire

For we have no need for 

exaggerated amounts of pride.


From this town’s Water Tower,

We see everything we used to know,

Love and glorify in this place.


Catch the highway’s vibrating sounds,

Place it in the neighbor’s swimming pool

Of the dead leaves and scattered dust

Left over from last Thanksgiving.


We have no need for the hours at hand.

Use them as softly as you can

And toss them in the flames that burn 

Until you rest your mind.


Update: Word on the Shelves is…


My first time hearing back.

Thanks to Jim in Westbrook, ME for contacting me and letting me know that he found a copy of Second Hand Poetry at Christian Charities on St. John Street in Portland, ME. He mentioned that he will continue the cycle as soon as he can.

It has been about a month since i had scattered the first issues around and was skeptical if they had even been spotted. But this makes me exited and can’t wait to hear back from anyone else who has found them. Of course I went back to some of the stores that I placed them in, and I didn’t see them in area I put them in, I was hoping that it was a good thing. Even if they ended up on the bookcase at someone’s home, it is still nice to that my writing is out there.

Happy Thrifting,


Project Complete!

I am happy to say that the first installment of Second Hand Poetry is complete . A quick trip to Kinkos and some saddle stich binding later, I have made the first 10 copies. 4 of which were sent to some friends in Bangor to have them circulate in a different area. The others have been dropped off at some of my favorite stores in the Portland area. Thank you to my friends who took a copy to help start it off, who knows where they will end up.

I plan to have more made and dropped off in different locations (and states) whenever I will be traveling. If you would like a few to contribute to your area, feel free to ask and I can send some your way.

Happy Thrifting,


The Fall of Mr. Minors

this is dedicated to my


and overwhelmed

friends who have

the common

courtesy to shut

their mouths

at the right moments

this is for all the




who go home to

stiff spine mattresses

for all going through a mid-life crisis

or the one of internal death

this is dedicated to

the dark eyed

avengers who

hide underneath

knitted hats and

capgun smiles

for all the hometown

heroes that bask

in unrefined glory

of the winning touchdown

for the sleepless worriers

or the restful day breakers

the ones that can eat

their cake too

the pen cap chewers

the nail biters

and the ones that just

didn’t come out right